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Important Questions to Ask Your Dentist About Dental Implants

Not all the dentists in Gastonia can do dental implants properly. If you’re considering have teeth implanted by one of the dentists in Gastonia it’s important to find the right dentist for the job. There are several very important questions you need to ask to identify the best dentist for you.

One of the most important questions you should ask is whether your implant dentist is a board certified specialist. Any dentist can legally implant teeth. For best results you should choose a periodontal specialist trained in restorative dentistry. To receive this designation a dentist must demonstrate mastery of the surgical skills and procedures necessary to safely and properly handle implanting teeth. They must also show their ability to provide the appropriate follow-up treatment.

Asking the dentist how long they have been doing implants and about how many of the procedures they have performed is also helpful. Completing the two to three year course and passing the necessary exams is good, but you need a dentist with experience doing the procedure to get the best outcome.

Another way to ensure you’re getting the best dentist for the job is to ask the dentist to show you some before and after photos of implants they’ve done. Most good dentists will be glad to show you photos of their work and explain why they used specific types of dental implants on different patients.

Find out if the dentist does a comprehensive initial examination. If the dentist focuses only on the missing tooth and not how the implant will function in your mouth or its aesthetic impact, choose another dentist. A good initial exam looks at the overall health of your gums, assesses the shape and size of the missing tooth, […]

Important Signs Why You Should Visit a Dentist

Dental health is very important and is something you should never take lightly. It is easy for some people to take their oral health for granted, but the fact of the matter is the mouth is the gateway to the body and many early signs of more serious issues come up first in the mouth. Due to this, there are some signs you might experience that indicate you really need to see your Gastonia dentist. At the family dentistry, whether it is you, a child or someone else in the family, you can receive all the necessary attention and assistance required.

Chronic Pain
If you are suffering chronic pain in your mouth or gums, you really need to go in and see the Gastonia NC dentist. This can be anything from a cavity to something much more serious. You should not have to deal with the constant pain inside of your mouth, which is exactly why you need to go visit the family dentistry and see what exactly is going on.

Bleeding Gums
It is natural to see a bit of blood when you floss your teeth, especially if you haven’t done it in a while. However, if you start seeing blood when you brush your teeth on a regular basis, it could mean you have the first signs of gum disease. This is not something you want to leave untreated, and it might also be a sign of something much more dangerous, such as a form of cancer, which is why you need to go in and have it looked at as quickly as possible.

Inflamed Gums
Gums are extremely important when it comes to your oral health and inflamed gums can be another sign that there is a […]

What is a Pediatric Dentist and Why Do You and Your Child Need One?

Are you looking for a children s dentist for your infant or adolescence? You need to be searching for a pediatric dentist. A Pediatric dentist is a special doctor that specializes in the treatment of children.

Why would a specialized children s dentist be right for you? A pediatric dentist is able to treat infants, toddlers and children in such a way that puts them at ease and will enjoy visiting the dentist. At Gastonia NC pediatric dentist, we strive to make your child comfortable while providing them with personalized dental care. We are able to treat any age and will customized your dental care to your specific needs. We also allow the parents to play a big role in ensuring that your child is comfortable with the dental environment.

Finding a local pediatric dentist will also put you and your child at ease. By knowing the staff personally and developing strong bonds with all members of the dental staff team, you and your child will feel right at home. At Gastonia NC pediatric dentist, we want all patients to fill as if they are members of our own family.

A pediatric dentist will also be able to inform you and your child of preventive care for their baby and permanent teeth. The gums in infants need special care before the baby teeth emerge and a pediatric dentist will help you maneuver through the teething process. Also when the baby teeth emerge, a pediatric dentist will be able to inform you on the care of the new teeth. They will also be able to let you know when you can expect new teeth to be emerging. Then as the baby teeth begin to fall out a pediatric […]