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Gastonia Dentists Need You to Know This About Sedation Dentistry

A lot of individuals are uncomfortable when the subject related to visiting a dentist office comes up. They are intimidated even more with dental procedures. Despite their fear, their oral health does require dental visits at least twice a year. Sedation dentistry is a form of dentistry that does not put the patient to sleep; however, it is a process used to calm and relax a patient during a dental appointment. Relaxation stages do vary from minimal to deep phases, however, depending on the patient and procedure.

The main objective for the sedation dentistry process is to depress the central nervous system. During the process, the patient is completely relaxed and is able to respond to verbal and or physical stimulations without the feeling of persistent fear and dental anxiety. Before any sedation procedures are executed, a patient will visit the dentist for a question and answer (Q&A) moment to go over their options. Once the patient is comfortable with the chosen option, a second visit is scheduled.

During the second dentist office visit, sedation process is performed. The process can either be intravenous or oral. While in the appropriate relaxed state, one can get the oral care such as cleanings, tooth extraction, and dental implants without the feeling of anxiety or distress and panic. It is very difficult to deal with someone that is experiencing a panic attack. Their blood pressures may be elevated and abnormal breathing worsens their conditions. When patients are in deep relaxation state, they may have no recollection of what took place. In some incidences, a patient may fall asleep as if taking a nap in addition to the relaxed state. Patients attending Gastonia cosmetic dentist are always in good hands […]

How to Choose the Right Dentist for Your Children

If you live in the Gastonia area and are looking for a general dentist office for your child’s dental care, you need to do some research. Choosing the right dentist for a child can seem like a daunting task. When choosing a dentist for your child, the safety and comfort of your child are top priorities.

It is important to make your child’s comfort the first consideration when deciding on a general dentist office. You need to look for a dentist that can provide reliable dental care for your child, from the child’s first visit through his or her adult years. A good family dentist in Gastonia will do everything possible to ensure your child’s maximum comfort during a dental visit. Using interactive play, advanced dental technology, and applying sedation dentistry whenever appropriate, a good dentist will work to make sure the child is relaxed during treatment. So, look for a child-friendly who has experience treating children and taking care of their oral health.

Children deserve attention and proper care during their development years. The right dentist understands how to work with children, and the dentist will provide various educational methods that incorporate play, to keep children well informed about their dental and oral care. A good family dentist in Gastonia will also involve parents when appropriate and provide them with the tools they need to continue helping their child develop excellent oral hygiene skills for optimal health.

Always check the qualification and background of the family dentist in Gastonia you are considering. It may be a good idea to have your personal dentist take care of your child’s oral care if you’re confident about the dentist. Otherwise, you may need to find someone else. You can […]

Importance of Preserving a Tooth Extraction Site from Our Gastonia Dentist

In today’s world of sugary drinks and acidic foods, many people suffer from a variety of diseases of the teeth, mouth, or gums. Many of these diseases unfortunately are not treated soon enough, and the result is the need for a tooth extraction or in some extreme cases, cosmetic dentistry. The Gastonia dentist office is the leader in the fields of examination, treatments, and proper pre and post treatment needs.

Often the conditions of teeth become deteriorated and decayed and they require a tooth extraction. To safely remove these diseased teeth and replace them with prosthetic or false teeth, the underlying area of the jaw needs to be preserved and prepared. The preservation of this site involves the bone that surrounds the teeth called the alveolar or ridge bone. Once an infected or damaged tooth is removed, this bone immediately starts to deteriorate or “melt” into the jaw. It is important that this bone ridge be preserved for the installation of future replacement implants.

This bone ridge deteriorates in two separate phases. The first phase involves the non-traumatic removal of damaged material while preserving as much of the underlying bone as possible. This method also reduces the amount of discomfort and bleeding. The second method involves grafting bone replacement materials into the extraction socket. This method is successful but it is not a permanent solution. Having the new replacement implants created and installed three to twelve months after the initial socket grafting and extraction process. By having the implants crafted right after the extraction will offer the patient the best chances of preserving your jawbone with long lasting support.

In certain cases, it is possible to implant the dentures or replacement teeth at the same time as […]